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Gates Moore Lighting

Our History

In 1938 my grandfather, Kenneth “Gates” Moore, built his first lighting fixture out of an old wooden plane propeller (pictured left along with various other items he made at that time) while he was in the Army, stationed in Texas. After getting out of the army he started working at a high end antique repair shop. Where he honed his skill of making new things look old. After a heart attack, he decided making lighting fixtures was his passion and started the business in 1950. Patricia Moore (my mom) grew up watching her father, Gates, work and learned to share his love of making things and took over the business in 1987 after he passed. In 2018 mom began teaching me the ways of the business. I grew up helping pack and paint. I’ve always loved making things and it just feels right to keep the Moore family business running. 


We moved to New Hampshire in 2019 after spending, what seems like forever, in Silvermine, Connecticut. We are still working hard at making good “old fashioned” lighting while trying to adapt to modern times and throwing in some other styles of lighting. We encourage you to call or email us with your order as we try to customize each order to fit in your space exactly as you want it.

What We Do

We enjoy helping people find the perfect lighting piece. The majority of our lighting is designed after early American lighting but we do have some more modern pieces. Our lights are made mostly out of copper, tin, and some wood (the centers of our chandeliers). We make indoor and outdoor lighting that is build to last and we take pride in our construction and aim to make things that you can enjoy for years. 

Everything is made by hand so each piece we make has its own "soul" and is unique in its own way. 

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