Chandelier with 8 arms and a turned wood center.


Dimentions: 24" Diameter x 10" Height


#15 Large Chandelier

  • If you are hanging the chandelier over a table we usually would measure 62 inches from about the middle of the chandelier to  the floor. This way if you change your table and wont have to re-adjust your chandelier. Chains are more forgiving in height adjustments while we size the hooks to the total hanging length with at least 2 hooks. All chandeliers come with two feet of figure eight chains or hooks extra can be ordered separately.  If you need to order more chains or hooks please check off "yes" under the appropriate section and then order seperatley, additional charges may apply.

  • We mix our own shellac based paints so colors may vary slightly. If you prefer a different color all together please select "other" under finishes and then let us know what you are looking for. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes, additional charges may apply.